Real Property Tax Assessment Grievance Day Deadlines and Procedures May be Different Due to COVID-19

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Property Tax Assessment Changes Due to COVID-19

Are you planning to challenge your real property tax assessment this year? If so, it is critical that you check with your assessors’ office about any changes in the deadline or procedure. Normally, the grievance deadline for most taxing jurisdictions is the 4th Tuesday in May (this year is May 26, 2020). However, the Governor’s Executive Order 202.22 allows taxing jurisdictions to extend the deadline.

Executive Order 202.22 also changes some of the grievance procedures. It permits the assessment roll to be produced online, as well as offers changes in hearing schedules and procedures to allow for video-conference hearings.

If you are considering filing a tax assessment grievance with your taxing jurisdiction this year, Nolan Heller Kauffman LLP has a wealth of experience helping clients pursue assessment reductions. If you have questions, please contact John V. Hartzell at, or call (518) 432-3106.